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World Bloggers Day; Letter To All Bloggers

 World Bloggers Day
Today we see a lot of copy and paste, lack of creativity in writing.
People create blogs and publish what they feel like. Do you publish what you feel like or publish life changing articles?
As bloggers, it is naturally to promote music, videos or news on our blogs, but how original are you?
Are you the copy and paste kind or the catchy and creative blogger?
I went from the “many articles a day” kind of blogging where a blogger posts as many articles as possible in a day to posting a couple of times a month.
I want to carve my niche and be the kind of blogger whose contents will change lives.
There are a lot of issues in our world, i prefer to write about those, and proffer solutions to the best of my knowledge or advice readers to see professionals.
World Bloggers Day should be a reminder that every blogger has a responsibility to remain distinguished in their art of writing.
World Bloggers Day
I may not be a word smith but i try as much as possible to send the message i am passing in the best way possible.
Content is key in blogging. Never walk the part that leads to controversy in the world of bloggingit dampens your reputation.

Use your Platform to Impart and Change the World.

I will leave you with this…
Originality is key in the art of Blogging. How Original and Creative are you?

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