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How To Stay Long In The Music Industry Like Wizkid And 2Baba


As an artist you need to have a good character in order to stay at the top of your game and always have good relationship with everyone in the industry. People should always be important to you cause they are the one that will make you to become who you want to become in the industry.

Below are the four main characters that you need to adopt to stay long in the music industry. 

1.GRATITUDE : You must always be thankful for anything that comes your way and don't ever think you deserve it because you're talented because your talent is just 1% of everything about your career while attitude and character is the remaining 99% so for the fact that you're talented doesn't mean people will not neglect you, People will neglect you as long as you're ungrateful. Everything in life is a priviledge and you should never abuse the priviledge.

2.BE HUMBLE : It will give you recommendation cause people will love working with people that are humble because when you are humble, people will naturally love to relate with you and humility starts from your social media platforms, How you interact with your fans they believe that this person is humble and when you're humble you'll be able to be grateful like when someone comments on your post and you reply with ''Thank You''. That's where gratitude comes in, Promoters are aways ready to help but if you're not humble they'll not cause they believe if they help you to the top your're going to put them aside.

3.ADOPT STEWARDSHIP : The ability to serve. As long as music industry is concerned you'll need to serve somebody at a point on one level or the other to get one freedom. 

Most artists at the beginning they serve their manager and it's very very important, You need to put aside your age, your experiences whenever you meet someone that knows something more than you be humble to serve that person to archieve what the person learnt. The moment you're grateful, humble and you adopt a stewardship character it is easy for you to learn so many things cause people want to you things unconsciously just because you're humble and you can serve.

4.PATIENCE : You need to be patient with everything. 

First of all you need to be patient with yourself  because you're not going to get what you want as fast as you think you'll get it. Everything takes time, When you're patience with yourself it gives you the room to explore yourself. Some artist started singing today and they want to become celebrities today and be celebrated tomorrow. It is not done that way, you need to be patient, go through the process, learn new things and explore new things.

Secondly you need to be patient with promoters, Try to understand what they are doing. The reason why you should be patient with promoter is that many artists are i haste and because of that they lost so many opportunities. In the music industry promoters are one of the people you shouldn't mess with including DJ's and managers and you can meet them at any level but never you underate anybody cause in the next one year or two years you don't know where you'll meet them.

The promoter you mess up with today or the manager you mess up with today can be the same manager  or promoter you'll meet where you want to get a big endorsement deal and they'll fuck you up.

Always be calculatively patient because patience is a virtue, Some artist get signed but because they lack patience they loose the record deal, Patience in every situation is very important.

Source : Teepsoul Entertainment

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