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Bella Shmurda’s Song “CashApp” Doesn’t Promote Yahoo-Yahoo (See The Hidden Messages In The Song)

Here Are 7 Hidden Motivational Messages In Bella Shmurda’s Song CashApp

1. Invest Your Money In CC (CryptoCurrency)

Shoni CC, Load Am

CashApp, Cash Out

The above line is actually a message for you all to consider investing your money in CryptoCurrency (CC).

That is where your money can actually grow not Nigerian banks that will use charges to turn your N10,000 to N9,432 in 2 days.

CASH APP, Cashout

There are many CryptoCurrency wallets online, download, invest, and keep cashing out. The message is simple.

2. Never Do Free Jobs

O ni Maga, Bill am

In this economy, you cannot afford to do free jobs, whatever product, you’re selling or any service you’re rendering, always ensure you get paid.

Whoever is giving you jobs, bill the person, and collect money.

Don’t do family and friends with your business. Get that straight

3. Problem No Dey Finish, Enjoy With Your Money

Small Money, Ball Out

You see this life, enjoy it with your money because life is too short.

If at a point, you feel like eating better food, don’t say you want to manage when you have the money.

Spend money, eat good food, and enjoy your life because if you don’t people will squander the money when you’re no more. God forbid sha!!

4. Keep Learning And Keep Growing

Usain Bolt, Run am

This life is a race and like Usain Bolt, you’ve got to be running it as much as you can.

Never stop the race of success until you’re classified among the best.

The secret to winning in the race of success is to keep learning in whatever you do.

The more you’re the knowledge you acquired the more you grow in life.

5. Hold Tight Your Loyal Customers/Employers

You get a sure client, lock am

If you are a business person, you need to learn how to hold tight your customers so that they will keep coming back to you.

The secret to a successful business is to give your customers a good experience so they will come back to you anytime.

If you’re a salary earner, do everything to protect your current job, work efficiently so you don’t get sacked. Lock Am!!

6. Don’t Waste Time With Useless People

If e no get money, leave am

Move with people that can add value to your life, not people that will be asking you for 2k all the time.

It’s time to cut the connection with people who are not useful to themselves not to talk of being useful to you.

7. Avoid Enemies Of Progress

EFCC n bo Japa

EFCC in this case can be likened to enemies of progress.

People who will see you flourishing in life and find every possible means to get you behind bars.

If you notice people like this in your circle.. Jaapa oo!!

The End!!

Guys, I will like to hear from you 👇

Do You Agree With These Points About Bella Shmurda’s “CashApp” Song?

Do You Think Bella Shmurda’s Song “CashApp” Promotes Yahoo-Yahoo?

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