BeginIT & Sparkle Foundation have partnered to train Children in underserved Communities on Tech Skills

Sparkle Foundation is excited to announce the awesome partnership between them and BeginIT to impact the children in Ottumara Community, Lagos State, Nigeria with new digital technological skills.

This project which is completely free for 6 months, will afford the children in underserved communities an opportunity to learn the basics of web programming, coding, and also how to create games and animations. They will be introduced to tech videos, tips & tricks on IT & Programming.


  • To arouse children’s interest in the sphere of intellectual production.
    To give a head start to personal growth, and to influence the choice of a future profession.
  • To give low-income children in the community an attainable and relatively quick path to a sustainable career.
  • Teaching core employable tech skills.

BeginIT is a social educational project from the Sinet Team (Indriver), aimed at identifying and guidance of capable children from orphanages, boarding schools, and rural schools in the sphere of new technologies.

The project which is a life-changing journey will positively influence the fate of the participants, and among them will emerge new, talented programmers, designers, IT entrepreneurs, scientists, and other representatives of the new economy.

Sparkle Foundation is also seeking financial support and donations of fairly used or brand new laptops to add to the existing which will help develop our children on Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Sparkle Foundation is a nongovernmental organization created to help orphans and children from low-income families. Its mission is to empower children, thereby ensuring that they have a prosperous future ahead of them.

It is important that children from low-income families have the opportunity to gain knowledge that will help them become in-demand specialists in various fields of IT in the future.

They are grateful to BeginIT and Indriver for this initiative and we look forward to more impacts.

To support their programs, please reach out to us via



Tel: +2347087723544

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