Popular Nigerian singer and songwriter, Peruzzi revealed he hasn’t been to church since he met Davido four years ago.

In a recent interview with Joey Akan on ‘Afrobeats Intelligence’, Peruzzi opened up about not worshipping in a church ever since he met his DMW boss and friend, Davido. He stated that his lack of fellowship with his brethren doesn’t disqualify him from being a Christian or a true believer.

Though Peruzzi didn’t disclose the reasons or obstacles hindering him from worshiping in a church, he consoled his fans with the fact that he is still a believer and will always remain one. According to Peruzzi, he was a church boy when he was much younger. He recounted how he sang in the choir and played musical instruments in his church.

“I haven’t gone to church since I met David. I haven’t been to church in like four years. But yeah, I believe in God…

Yeah, I was a church boy… Assemblies of God. I played the Keyboard there… I learned how to make music sweet. So that was where it came from. Childhood experience is the foundation of my whole life.”

Speaking on his rise to fame, Peruzzi took his sweet time to explain how he was a star even before meeting Davido. According to him, he has always treated himself as a star, and because of this, he was always conscious of the way he behaved in public, what he wore, and the people he mingled with.

“I’ve always seen myself as a star before I met anybody in this industry, I used to act like ‘people are watching me.’ I didn’t have any drip, but I’d make sure that I’m not wearing any fake Gucci, I’m not wearing any fake Versace.

I’m wearing a plain white shirt. I had my way that I’m going to be something. I didn’t know how, but I knew, ‘guy, I’m going to be something.’ I was already acting like I was. When David met me, I was branding myself already.

He knew there was a wave. It’s been like that because I always felt like if you know you want to get somewhere, just start preparing yourself for it. It wasn’t really fake-fake, ’cause I didn’t rock no fake sh*t. But I faked being a star.”

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