[Music+Lyrics] Eastinboy - No One Else


Music artist Eastinboy drops a melodious love song titled No One Else.

The track is full of deep lyrics accompanied with a nice instrumental produced by Niceratty.

Artist : Eastinboy

Title : No One Else

Producer : Niceratty

Release Date : 17th Of June, 2021.

Download, listen and enjoy below :-


Lyrics :

When The Time Comes
I Can't Smile Anymore
Don't You Worry About Me
I Can Do Without You Eh..
I Will Just Stare At One Conner 
And Think Of You 
Think Of You
No One Else Could Make Me Smile
No One Else Could Make Me Dance Uh!
Like The Way You Do
The Way You Do!!

Verse 1

I Will Not Pretend As If It Didn't Hurt Me 
I Won't Pretend As If Am Happy
Bcuz Am Angry
But If You're Going Just Go Forever!
If You're Leaving Just Leave 4ever
Never You Try To Come Back Again Ah
Bcuz If You Come
I Will Never Give You The Chance To Get Into My Heart
If You Come I Will Never Give You 
The Chance To Crawl Into My Heart
 Bcuz You're Just Heart Breaker
I Thought We Are Made To Be Lovers 
I Thought We Are Made To Be Together
You Promised To Be With Me Forever! 
Oh No!

Verse 2

I'm About To Let The World Know
That You're My Love
Why Do Wanna Leave Me Now
That I Need You More Or
Do You Wanna Be My Downfall?!!!
See Am Going Crazy
Why Do You Wanna Leave Me Lonely
Why Do You Have To Leave True Love Just Because Of Money
You're The Sugar In My Tea
See Am Going Insane
Why Are You Doing This To Me
Oh No!!

Verse 3

Oh Mah Gosh
Eastinboy Is In Love
I Need More Of Her Love
Can You Please Give Me
Some More
Oh No!!


  1. Melodious ��������������������

  2. More grace Eastinboy. Nice one

  3. Tune wey dey burst brains��