The world is evolving and young writers are growing large and large in numbers. A young Nigeria entrepreneur Adike Wisdom Izuchukwu who made “creating content” for websites and blogs his hobby is here to make your reading adventure a thing to enjoy. He wrote on his sport blog (via ShyScore):

“My name is Wisdom Izuchukwu Adike and i hail from Awka-South Local Government Area of Anambra State. I am a graduate of Geology from Nnamdi Azikiwe University with a Second Class Upper Division degree. A tall dark 25-year-old boy and the second born in a family of six. As a young driven individual, I am confident that my plans will come to fruition in no time.”

“My passion for all things internet-related comes naturally. I see myself as a stakeholder in the World Wide Web as I not only consume content but also produce them. I write publications for some blogs including “5 main tips for your indoor voice training”. I have had challenges in the past, going into depression at some stage and I having to fight and overcome the demeaning/degrading situation. Furthermore, my love for teaching and learning accrued when I started tutorials for my classmates in the final years of my tertiary education. Although I wasn’t the best of Geologists, I knew how best to impart the little I knew on those struggling with different courses.”

“The earlier years of my life were the toughest; I was bullied and I didn’t rapport with my peers. I grew up in a village and moved to the city at the age of 14. Away from the social aspect of modern life, I was always busy working the farm and getting scorched by the torrid Sun of Eastern Nigeria. My arrival to the city exposed me to the latest inventions and with time I got acquainted with social media (Facebook, Twitter, and others). I immediately fell in love with the internet and it helped to improve my vocabulary and my writing skills. I can assure you that I am a fast learner.”

“As already mentioned, I studied Geology, and it has been an adventurous aspect of my life – from field trips in the basement complexes of Northern Nigeria to the sedimentary basins in the South. Sadly, studying Geology has been challenging due to the poor state of the academic system in Nigeria. Samples from fieldworks that require appropriate facilities and equipment for analyses are met inadequacies and shortages. This unappealing predicament alone is enough to dull the morale of the resilient.” He continued.

“I believe that I will be essential to you as your values align with mine. The eagerness to learn is a fierce drive for me and I see myself as someone who will continue to grow both mentally and professionally. I am very confident in my skills and can work individually or as part of a team.”

Writing articles and creating contents services is just easy and fun as you think but that will be possible when you engage the right plug.

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