Most celebrities would go as far as spending a fortune to get some bling on their teeth.

In the past, we have recorded a number of prominent artists who have either gotten veneers or Grills in either gold, diamonds, silver, or titanium.

Oh well, Post Malone has joined the long list as he reportedly drops #800,000,000 on his veneers, and the price included a pair of diamond fangs.

Diamond fangs. Diamond fangs. How much am I supposed to be able to handle, @PostMalone

? Take me away, bat daddy.

According to TMZ, Posty underwent major dental reconstruction that “included 28 units of ceramic installation of 2 diamond fangs that totaled 12 carats.

The work was a partnership that involved “Celeb dentist Thomas Connelly, cosmetic dentist Naoki Hayashi and Isaac Bokhoor and his team at Angel City Jewelers.”