How To Make Money In Nigeria As A Musician

How To Make Money In Nigeria As A Musician

Market Structure Of Music Business In Nigeria.

The music industry here in Nigeria may be a dynamic one. Today one may be a star artist, tomorrow his music is not any longer being played.

One might release a song today which could seem to not be hip but provides a little time the music becomes the foremost play or the foremost downloaded song. From time to time, the taste of the whole public changes from one state to a different need.

To make money within the music industry, one might believe record sales or performance fees. Performance fees up till date are still the foremost lucrative revenue sources within the industry.

But what happens to those young and new artists that haven't yet gained enough ground to be invited to places where the performance appearance fees might be meaningful? this text focuses on the way to let those young and talented musicians make their money without stress.

Competition And Opportunities In Nigeria Music Industry

At some extent in time, a majority of the songs that were played in Nigeria were mostly western (foreign) music. All of a sudden, boom!!! That was what happened to Nigerian music industry.

People started turning to home-based musicians because they started giving the whole public what they really needed. Now, the matter most Nigerian musicians face is consistency.

The demand imposed on Nigerian artiste is great hence satisfying the general public is one among the best tasks of all times.

Being the simplest is additionally what most artiste would want to realize amidst the river of endless opportunities within the industry. this text isn't focused on how teaching you ways to become the simplest or most wanted but the way to make money as a musician.

At now , I’d wish to offer you few points which might assist you make your money;

Ways Musicians Make Money In Nigeria : CD Sales, Digital Sales, Live Shows, Merchandise,Royalties, Licensing, Youtube, Sponsorship,Cover Gigs, Music Lessons, Appearance Fee, Brand Endorsements.

1. CD Sales

When compact disk players were still the order of the day, this was an excellent way of creating money. Today, although the demand for audio CDs is on the lower side, it's still an excellent way of creating money.

Cd Sales Meaning : This refers to activities related to selling music recordings (albums, singles, or music videos) through record shops.

2. Digital Sales

Thanks to technology you'll now sing and upload your songs onto the web where many people get to either stream your songs or they download it.

Anyway chosen, your money still returns to you. this is often still a more preferred choice to the CDs because it doesn't get to litter his house with many CD plates.It also saves the discomfort of traveling with different CD plates where you get to start out checking out the artiste you would like to concentrate to. you'll upload your songs and other people download, increase their library, and luxuriate in your work all day long.

3. Live Shows

Over time, this has been one among the simplest ways of creating an enormous amount of cash for many musicians. Although the worth tags for every musician might vary, just be rest assured that you simply would still make your money while you gradually gain popularity within and out of doors the industry.

In the process of performing within the public, you'll get to sell your merchandise. Sometimes, the simplest places to sell merchandise is once you continue tours but live shows are still an honest choice to do such.

4. Merchandise

In the point above, I made mention of merchandise. These merchandises might be either physical goods (customized wristbands, polo etc.) or digital products within the sort of PDFs, videos, images, musical composition , live concert tapes etc.

5. Digital Royalties

Royalties are fees paid to musicians. When their music is being played on radio and other media platforms, they're being given some amount of cash .

6. Licensing

Most of the Nigerian songs used for movies isn't just finished fun. The producers of those movies actually pay some funds to the artists before they will use their songs. The demand of the song is what makes the fee vary amongst other options.

7. YouTube

On YouTube, whenever music is employed in videos that are running ads, YouTube pays some of that advertising money to the rights holders of the song. Digital distributors like Tune Core and CD Baby help Nigerian acts collect that cash , also as Audiam.

8. Sponsorship

For full-time musicians who have built up a lover base, some companies are willing to sponsor musicians to succeed in those fans.

See Johnny Walker’s work with Don Jazzy, Samsung and Banky W, and lots of more. Sponsorship can range from cash, to free products, services, and gear.

9. Cover Gigs

Playing a canopy gig at bars, restaurants, weddings, and other private event is frowned upon by some Nigerian musicians.

But those shows do pay juicy fees which thereby permits the playing of canopy gigs and instrumentals. There really is not any shame in doing that.

10. Music Lessons

Many musicians teach their instruments and singing skills to others to assist make money throughout their music career. this is often a pleasant thanks to supplement their income and allows them to hone their craft at an equivalent time.

11. Appearance fees

Many Nigerian top acts get paid to form appearances at events, red carpets and lots of more. These appearances give the gathering an air of sophistication , which the promoters can use to form money.

12. Brand Endorsements

Brands engage music artists to plug their products via endorsement deals. These deals usher in huge funding, counting on the caliber of the musician.

Profitability Strategies & Conclusion

Becoming a musician in Nigeria and anywhere else is in no way a nasty idea. One thing you need to know is that the talent should already be pre-installed (gifted) inside you in order that all you only need to do is develop and work on yourself.

Knowing the type of music to sing and make it blend in such how that the whole public would fall crazy with both the music and therefore the artist is one thing an honest musician should know.

In order to realize this, one has got to partner with great producers who wouldn't only produce your work well but also coach you to success

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