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How To Promote Music On Facebook

Table Of Contents

  • Reasons Why You Should Music On Facebook
  • Using Facebook Ads
  • Adding Music To Facebook
  • Using Facebook Handle
  • Page Story
  • Page Buttons
  • Publishing Tools & Creator Studio  
  • Insights 
  • Tabs 
  • Videos – Facebook Watch 
  • Going Live
  • Groups

Reasons Why You Should Music On Facebook

Before we can answer how to promote your business on Facebook, we must look at why you should!

The golden age of social media has dawned. This has provided tons of possibilities for artists, and Facebook is at the centre of it. In the past, artists needed investment to advertise and promote their music through traditional media platforms. Now, social media has opened doors for artists to reach a global audience without leaving their own homes.  

Facebook has designed features for artists to help them navigate how to promote their business on Facebook, and get the world to hear their music. The best part is that you can access its vast resources for free. There are also paid options to achieve a greater reach. Not only that, Facebook is a great place to connect with old, new, and potential fans, and network with other artists and music industry players. It is also a great place to discover new opportunities for your artistry!

Using Facebook Ads 

Facebook ads give your content that added boost it needs to reach new audiences that you would otherwise not reach through regular posting. They are a great way to promote your latest single/album release, upcoming tour, and grow your brand’s online presence through Facebook. Not only do Facebook ads help you reach a wider audience, they allow you to  target audiences of a specific demographic that are more likely to engage with your content. This can work wonders for your music, including driving increased streams and sales. Ads are cost-effective and allow you to spend as little or as much as you like. They also allow you the flexibility to try out different approaches to find out what works best for you. 

Addding Your Music To Facebook 

Wondering how to put your music on a Facebook page? Facebook has a collection of music in its library that users can listen to and share on the platform. As an artist, you can get your music on there through your label or distributor. Once your music is added to Facebook’s library, you can share it to your story through the Facebook app on your phone. Login and click ‘+add to story’ then select music at the top of the screen. Search for the song and artist name and click on the song. You can select the 15- second portion you want to play, then tap done and click ‘Share to story’. Similarly, you can add your songs to photos and clips on your stories and encourage your fans to do the same. 

You can also add your music to your Facebook profile so that it appears in the about section. To do this, open the Facebook app on your phone and go to your profile. Scroll down to ‘Music’ right next to ‘Photos’ and ‘Life Events’ cards then select it. Click on the ‘+’ sign at the  top right corner and search for the song you want. You can add all the songs you want to appear on your profile. Also, you can pin your favourite one between your name and profile picture by clicking on the three dots next to the song and selecting ‘Pin to your profile’.

Using Facebook Handle

You can customise your page’s username (which takes the format @artistname) so that it is easier for people to find your page in search results on Facebook. Once you create a username, you can customise your page’s URL making it easier to share (in the format 

Page Story

Page stories are a great example of how to promote your business on Facebook. They are a way to reach more people with your content, since they appear at the top of people’s timelines. Stories work best when sharing photos, GIFs, or short clips (of about 15 seconds). I will discuss below how you can add music to your story. 

Page Buttons

One exciting page feature is the page button. It allows you to add a call-to-action button at the top of your page that encourages more interaction with your brand and music. You can choose which call to action works best for your page from several options including ‘Shop Now’, ‘Watch Video’, ‘Send Message’, ‘Sign Up’ among others. Some of the options allow you to add an external link that will lead people to the site you choose, say to your website or to your music in a streaming service or an online music store. 

Publishing Tools & Creator Studio  

Pages have a different array of tools that give you more control over your posts. These can be found in the ‘publishing tools’ section of your page. You can schedule posts, cross-post videos on different pages and create playlists for your videos, among other functions. Under this section, there is also the ‘Creator Studio’, which allows you to manage your page posts better. An interesting functionality available in Creator Studio is the option to sync your Instagram handle to your Facebook page and post to both simultaneously from there. 


One of the perks of having a page is having access to insights on how your page and posts are performing. You can see how many people your posts are reaching, the demographics of your audience, and compare the performance of your page with others on Facebook. You can use this information to know who is engaging most with your music and build your fanbase. 


Tabs are used to categorise the content on a page to help visitors quickly find what they are looking for. On your page, you can add, edit, remove, and arrange tabs depending on what content you want to prioritise. You can also generate tabs that integrate your music from supported music streaming services such as Soundcloud or YouTube. This can be done through third party apps such as YouTube Tab for Facebook or Static HTML. 

Videos – Facebook Watch 

Videos are a great way of keeping your audience engaged on Facebook. One of the benefits of posting video content on your page is the likelihood of being featured on the Facebook Watch newsfeed. Facebook Watch is the platform’s video-on-demand service. The higher levels of engagement a video has, the more likely it is to be featured. Facebook encourages videos of around 3 minutes and upwards. Remember to add an appropriate title and tags to optimise visibility of your videos to the appropriate audience. 

Going Live 

Going live is all the rage right now, and Facebook is in on the action. Whether you are going live for a performance or to give an interesting update to your audience, it is worth getting into. Posting live streams on your page could also get the streams featured on the newsfeed  for the live stream section of Facebook Watch. 


Groups are one effective way of interacting with like-minded people on Facebook. They are also a good place to reach a wider audience for your music beyond your immediate circles. By looking for and joining groups relevant to your artist brand, you can discover new fans, create new music industry connections, and create more engagement for your music content. You can join groups either as your profile or as your page (for some groups). 

General Summary On How To Promote Your Music On Facebook

As with promoting your music on any social media platform, you need to be consistent and understand your audience while sharing your musical content on Facebook. To make the most of your experience, there are some general practices that are good to follow. A good example is to use smart urls to share external links instead of full length links. It is also a good idea to familiarise yourself with Facebook’s policies and avoid frowned upon practices such as spamming. 

Facebook is a great platform to help promote your music and grow your artist brand. The possibilities for your music are endless when using its features correctly and following the best practices. Make sure to take advantage of the variety of tools it offers for musicians to make the best of your presence on the platform. We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to promote your business on Facebook!

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