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Best Music Marketing Strategies For Musicians

What determines whether new songs will connect with an audience or not depends on how they’re marketed which is why you need to use the best working strategies in order to stand out with your music.

Below is the list of the best music marketing strategies for musicians in 2021.

1. Send Your Music To Blogs, Playlists, And Press Outlets
There’s no getting around the proven fact that pitching music is one of the smallest amount fun parts of being a career-minded musician. Take the time to write down an enticing artist bio and handout and obtain someone you trust to require a glance at it.

Look up the contact information of members of the press that write on your sort of music specifically, then send email after email until you get responses. it'd feel soul-crushing initially, but it’s 100% necessary to interact with new listeners and build momentum around your music from outside sources.

Aiming to get featured in massive publications and playlists is often a challenge. there's a process to submit your song for a feature on Spotify playlists, for instance, but don’t forget to start out small and work your high from there. It’s manageable and rewarding thanks to approaching the gargantuan task of pitching music before you.

You might not think getting featured on small blogs and playlists is that important, but it actually is. Momentum doesn’t just appear out of nowhere. It starts with a few individuals at a time becoming loyal advocates for your music before growing into something more substantial.

2. Use Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are full of problems and it’s becoming harder and harder to achieve fans through them, but marketing strategies for musicians are sadly much less impactful without them.

Take Instagram, for instance. Interacting with accounts related to those that know, promote, and make your type of music can bring new attention to your work. These include bands, record labels, and music fans. a similar goes for Twitter.

Whether you’re trying to urge the word out a few new releases or people to point out up to your performances, social media remains a tool you'll use to narrow down who might like your music and to succeed in bent those people directly.

Paid ads on these platforms are the simplest way of accomplishing this, but check out other tools like hashtags, meetup groups, Reddit threads, and Facebook groups in local areas you’re touring through, to assist get you that exposure for free of charge. And always remember to succeed in bent other bands like yours through their social channels, a touch little bit of friend-making and cross-promotion can go an extended way.

3. Determine Who And Where Your Fans Are

To get the foremost out of your promotion efforts, you've got to seek out out who your fans are. Knowing details like where your audience is predicated and the way old they're can assist you to build a marketing strategy that accurately reaches them.

Today, everything from personalized band websites to music streaming artist accounts offer detailed analytic information to assist you to learn more about your fans. Some platforms even give detailed information like when fans stumbled across your music online first, and thru what channels or search terms. Get to understand your data, and you’ll get to understand your fans.

4. Don’t Ignore Existing Fans While Trying To Create New Ones
Audience engagement is an important part of sustaining a meaningful career in music whether you've got 50 dedicated fans or 5 million. Once you learn more about who your fans are, specialize in doing everything you'll to attach with them in a meaningful way. It’s important to interact with and understand your current fans before trying to seek out new ones, or a minimum of simultaneously.

Simply distributing music online and hoping listeners find it isn’t enough. Strong, effective music marketing happens once you add how that maintains your identity and integrity as an artist. Whether it’s through email campaigns, your website, playlists, or blogs; fan engagement is important for keeping your existing fans looped in and curious about what you’re doing.

An unsexy way of brooding about this is often fan maintenance, and a far better one is seeing it as connecting together with your existing audience in a personal or friendly way. You’ll have the simplest shot at building your audience if you don’t neglect your existing fans.

5. Create And Monetize Your Own Artist Website
Band websites are an essential part of building a musical identity and reaching out to new fans. Social media still does this to a degree, but platforms like Facebook and Twitter are becoming less effective for musicians by the day by limiting your voice and reach as an artist.

In order to reliably reach your followers, you typically have to pay for it. With your own website, not only do you have a clear path towards reaching audiences, but you also have a way to shape your message and identity on your own terms.

New fans are more likely to resonate with the story you tell through your website rather than a bland Twitter or Facebook profile. Band websites also provide revenue streams for musicians that social media platforms don’t. 7. Pay for a PR/radio campaign

This last music strategy is for musicians who have money to invest in their music.

Hiring someone to push your music to radio, playlists, blogs, and press outlets can achieve huge results, but often at huge prices. The amount of money you should spend will depend on the scale and scope of your intended campaign, but meaningful results don’t really happen until thousands of dollars are spent—and even then there’s no guarantee that your music will be reviewed or picked up by radio stations—so spend plan accordingly and spend wisely.

An alternative is simply to save money over time (for example, if all four members of your band put only $20 into an account every month, you’ll have about $1,000 in a year), and do a big promo mailout campaign yourself.

Make a list of college and community radio stations across the country, and magazines that review music, and send out tons of album copies, you’re bound to get somewhere and save hundreds in the process.

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