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How To Record A Song At Home With Background Music

To start recording with background music at home the first thing to do is to find the quietest place in your house where there's no noise in order to get a good quality recording.

How To Record A Song At Home With Background Music

1. Play Background Music With A Speaker While Doing Your Phone Sound Recording.

Using studio monitor is recommended but it can be expensive at times, It's good to use a computer software too but some artist can't afford it. 
So, To Make things easier you can download a recording app on your phone then play your background music or instrumental before you start recording.
It's hard for phone inner microphone to pick up vocals, If external mic is not connected to your phone is recommended to sing louder and reduce your instrumental volume a little bit.

2. By Using Your SmartPhon App

Example ____ Utilizing GarageBand for iPhones
Assuming you have an iPhone, you can utilize it to record yourself singing with ambient sound by utilizing GarageBand on iOS gadgets. Best of all, you don't have to have an outer amplifier to begin recording vocals once again music.

The most recent age iPhones have great quality, delicate mouthpieces that function admirably and convey sufficient sound quality to record demo tunes.

The cycle will be like the one clarified in the past segment, yet the application is somewhat unique since it is intended for cell phones.

To record your vocals over ambient sound utilizing your iPhone, you'll need a decent pair of over-the-ear shut back earphones (not headphones), a connector to go from the lightning port to a 3.5 mm jack, and your iPhone with GarageBand introduced on it.

Techniques To Record On iPhone

Associate the earphones to the iPhone utilizing the connector, then, at that point, open GarageBand
Make another meeting by pushing on the "+" sign
Look until you find the Audio Recorder choice and snap on Voice
On the principle screen, search for "Screen" and turn it on with the goal that you can hear on the earphones the recording meeting
GarageBand accompanies voice presets that you can use to get the best outcomes in case you are curious about EQ and impacts. To get to these highlights, click on the blend board symbol as displayed in the picture underneath
In the window that opens, click on Lead Vocals. You'll see diverse voice presets that can be utilized. Go over them to see which one you like the most. I suggest utilizing the Radio Ready preset in light of the fact that it conveys an even tone for most vocal accounts. Play with the settings until you hear something you like.
Then, in the event that you really want to change the EQ to give your voice more punch or lucidity, click on the blend board symbol once more, look down until you track down Plug-Ins and EQ, and turn on Visual EQ to change EQ settings on the voice. Play with it until you hear something that you like.

Tips On Leveling Vocals: 
You should lift or diminish explicit frequencies relying upon your vocal reach. In the event that you need a punchy, more full voice, somewhat increment frequencies between 60 Hz and 200 Hz. 
To add more presence to the vocals, increment the frequencies between 4kHz – 6 kHz, known as the "presence scope of frequencies." If you want to increment or reduction brilliance, work with frequencies between 5 kHz to 10 kHz. For a more nitty gritty article on the most proficient method to EQ vocals, click the connection. The standards clarified in that article apply for this situation too.

3. Use A Recording Software On Your Computer.

This option is for those who can afford a personal computer, Recording with a software is the best way to get quality recording especially when you know the right software to use but in this case you'll need to get a microphone with soundcard to maximize the quality of your production.

Computer Recording Software
FL Studio
Wavepard Audio Editor 

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