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How To Attract Record Labels And Get Signed

How To Get Signed By Record Labels
How To Attract Record Labels And Get Signed

Record companies exist to support bands and artists financially, but also to profit from them. Labels are looking for established artists who have proven they can attract large audiences of music lovers. It's not easy to get the attention of record labels but it's possible if you follow the steps below;

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Record The Best Music You Own 

The first step to letting a record label know you're talented is having original projects of your own without including covers or remixed tracks of other people's projects, it's funny how a lot of rising talents approach record labels with no original songs of their own to present expecting good feedback. Record labels want to see how serious you are and they also look out for marketable talents to invest in, the original track you own will be the right content for evaluation to see if your style of music is marketable or not. At times, nobody cares about your singing talent. Showing record labels the unique side of your talent is what will make them want to give you a shot

Share Your Music On Social Platforms

Today's technology allows you to easily and inexpensively bring your music to the world. Take advantage of the internet! Share your videos and music recordings on YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram, and all other social media you know. The account registration process is easy and you can reach a large audience with quality music and consistency on social platforms if you are ready to put in the effort updating your pages daily, this will make you get noticed by record labels.

Brand Yourself Online

Branding is the process of creating a unique image of your career and what you represent in the eyes of your fans/public. Your name, designs, logo, and any other features that are related to your music career and personality are all part of your brand. Making sure everything on your page online is somehow related to your brand, will make you look more professional, it will also give the impression that you're different from other artists and record labels will be more interested in checking out your content.

Make Research About Record Labels 

As a rising artist, you need to know your genre and the record labels that will be interested in signing you based on the type of music you sing.
Some record labels love Afropop singers, while others love RnB, if you're a pop singer submitting your music to a record label that's only interested in RnB artists will get you automatic rejection.

Jump On Trends And Record Covers

After making research to know the record labels interested in your genre, follow them up on their socials to see if there's any trend from any of their artist. Let's say for example you're interested in a record label named Hot7, and a song by an artist signed under Hot7 is trending online you should record a cover or remix as soon as possible and tag the record label page and the artist online. This will get your attention from the labels and other music lovers will check out and follow your page as well, even without a record deal there's nothing to lose when jumping on trends. It will get you more fans

Attend Local Shows & Grow Your Fanbase

When you have original songs of your own, start looking for shows to attend and perform around you even if it's free. All you have to do is make sure the crowd there will enjoy your music at the venue, for those who sing party songs going to a festival or bar will surely get you attention. If your music content is about love, performing at a wedding will get you attention, a potential helper who can recommend you to a record might be in the crowd without you knowing. 


Getting a record label deal is not the only way to make it in the music industry, you can make it as an independent artist if you do things right. What you need is patience, improvement, and consistency. In fact, when you start making it record labels will be the ones begging you to get signed for their own benefit, you'll not be the one looking for them. Just keep doing your thing, with time you'll make it in the music industry if you don't give up.

How To Get Signed By Record Labels 
How To Get Signed By Record Labels 
How To Get Signed By Record Labels 
How To Get Signed By Record Labels 

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