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Capable Vibez - Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career & More

Capable vibez biography
Capable Vibez  is a professional music artist with the stage name Capable Vibez. He was born september 5, 1999.

Capable Vibez Biography Key

Full name: Stephen Samson Liberty

Nickname: Capable Vibes

Date of birth: September 5, 1999

Age: 24 years (2022)

Nationality: Nigerian

Education: History & International Studies @LASU

Occupation: Performing Artist

Net worth: Unknown 

Capable vibez biography


Capable Vibez started writing and composing songs right from his secondary school days. He plays guitar as an instrument and he never learnt it which further proofs that he's a music genius, music is in his genetics. His first sing was titled Money.

Capable vibez biography
Capable Vibez studies History at Lagos State University.
Capable vibez biography

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