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Penn Course Review (PCR)

Penn Course Review

Penn Course Review (PCR) is a student-run website that provides ratings and metrics for undergraduate courses and professors at the University of Pennsylvania. It is a valuable resource for students when choosing courses and registering for classes.

PCR collects data from online course evaluations conducted at the end of each semester by the Provost's office in conjunction with ISC. These evaluations ask students to rate courses and professors on a variety of factors, including course difficulty, course quality, professor quality, and overall satisfaction.

PCR uses this data to generate a number of metrics, including:

* **Course Quality:** A measure of how much the students learned in the course and how satisfied they were with the overall experience.

* **Professor Quality:** A measure of how effective the professor was in teaching the course and engaging with the students.

* **Amount Learned for Non-majors:** A measure of how much the students learned in the course, even if they were not majoring in the subject.

* **Registration Difficulty:** A measure of how difficult it is to register for the course, based on the number of students who tried to register and the number of seats available.

PCR also provides students with the ability to leave comments about courses and professors. These comments can be helpful for getting a more nuanced understanding of what students liked and disliked about the course or professor.

Overall, PCR is a valuable resource for Penn students when choosing courses and registering for classes. It provides students with quantitative data and qualitative feedback that can help them make informed decisions about their coursework.

Here are some tips for using Penn Course Review effectively:

* **Read the reviews carefully.** Don't just look at the overall ratings. Pay attention to the comments that students have left, both positive and negative. This will help you get a better understanding of what to expect from the course or professor.

* **Consider your own needs and preferences.** What are your learning goals for the course? What kind of teaching style do you prefer? Keep these factors in mind when reading the reviews and making your decision.

* **Don't rely solely on PCR.** Talk to your friends, classmates, and academic advisor to get their recommendations. PCR is a great resource, but it's important to get multiple perspectives when choosing courses.

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